About Us

As one of the oldest recruitment agencies of top-notch Childcare professionals, we have come a long way since our humble beginnings starting out as an au pair training facility in 1998.  Our recruitment services in the Western Cape started within a year of inception and we are now placing countrywide. Since 2008 our services were also extended to the Middle East, Russia, and Europe.

The last 22 years have been a time of tremendous change with 2020 being a pivotal year in how people do business.  Fortunately for us, we have already (partly) been working remotely since 2008 and the transition to do so fulltime, was seamless.   We are grateful to still be in business, despite the many challenges. We embrace the changes both past and present.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the field both as parents and as childcare professionals and are thus experts in identifying the perfect “Mary Poppins”.  Our past and present clients will testify to that.

We always make every effort to:

  • Recruit the calibre of candidates that meet the highest of professional standards.
  • Establish good relationships with all our clients that often last years. 
  • Support our clients not only with the process but also beyond the placement date, with any advice they may need.
  • Treat all our clients with the care and respect they deserve!

We look forward being of service to you!