How We Recruit

All candidates are interviewed face to face and where a candidate is not in the country / city we will conduct a Skype interview and follow it up with a face to face interview as soon as possible. All references are checked and previous employers provide a detailed account of the candidate’s performance.

The candidate profile will include:
  • Copy of Passport/ID, driver’s license and type & model of vehicle
  • Educational qualifications & full work history
  • Written references and/or reference checks reports from previous employers
  • Salary expectation and AA Mileage rate
  • Personal views of candidate & recent photograph

Middle East

In 2007 we placed our fist candidate with a member of the royal family in KSA and for the last 10 years consistently placed with numerous families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE.

Our candidates are carefully selected, screened and prepared for the unique requirements of our clients in the Middle East.

Recruiting the right candidate for the Middle East takes longer as we like to make sure that the candidate has the maturity, skill and consistent type of employment record necessary to adjust and navigate a new job in a new country and culture. We also have candidates that have already completed one or more contracts in the Middle East who are also looking for new positions.

Saudi Arabia: Once the contract is signed, the visa application process can take anything between 8 weeks and 3 months to complete.

UAE: The visa application and placement process is a lot less complicated and once the contract is signed it takes rarely more than 2-4 weeks to finalise and depart.